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Terms and Conditions



Article 1: Parties of the agreement
  • 1.1. The Foreign Language Learning Center “SpeakUp” – hereinafter referred as “Service provider”
    1.2. Name, surname of the student – hereinafter “Service recipient”
    1.3. Service provider and Service recipient hereinafter as “parties”

Article 2: Object of the Agreement
  • 2.1 The service provider periodically provides the service upon request, while the service recipient receives the service and pays for it under the terms of agreement.
    2.2 The service in this agreement is foreign language learning course requested by the recipient, the list and value of which are given in the invoice attached to the same agreement. (Appx #1 / invoice)

Article 3: Date and place of the service delivery
  • 3.1 Place of the providing service:  Dighomi Massive, 1a Gogiberidze street, Tbilisi, Georgia. / or lessons will be held online.
    3.2 The term of delivery of the service is determined individually – according to the duration of the course specified in the invoice, on which the parties agree in advance.
    3.3 The date of signing of the same contract is considered to be the beginning of the service.

Article 4: Rights and obligations of the parties
  • 4.1 The service provider is obliged to conduct the course specified in the (Appx# 1 / invoice to the service recipient in accordance with the terms of this agreement, within the determined terms and price.
    4.2 The obligation of the service provider to provide the service is considered fulfilled after the completion of the full course specified in the invoice, in accordance with the date specified in the same invoice.
    4.3 In addition to providing the service, the service provider will provide the service recipient with all the necessary learning materials.
    4.4 The recipient of the service has the right to demand reimbursement of the missed hours from a provider within a reasonable time if it is caused by the reason of the service provider. Otherwise, correction in accordance with the amount payable in Appx #1 / invoice.
    4.5 The parties agree that the hours missed due to the service provider should be reimbursed according to a mutually agreed schedule. The place of compensation for the missed hours shall be the address specified in Clause 3.1 of the same agreement, and / or the online session.

Article 5: Cost of service and payment procedure
  • 5.1 The recipient of the service is obliged to receive the service and pay its cost in advance, by bank transfer.
    5.2 50% of the cost of the course must be paid a day before the start of the course, and the next 50% must be paid upon completion of the appropriate number of lessons.
    5.3 The price of the service is determined according to the specific chosen course, which is indicated in Appx # 1 / Invoice.

Article 6: Special conditions
  • 6.1 The service provider has the right not to compensate the missed hours for the service recipient, if the service recipient does not voluntarily show up for the scheduled lesson.
    6.2 Missed hours due to the service recipient, or leaving learning process before the end of the course, do not exempt service recipient from paying the rest of the tution fee.
  • 6.3 The service provider gives out a certificate from level B1, only if successfully passing the level test by the service recipient.
  • 6.4 In case of failing the level test for the first time, they have the right of retaking it in the next 7 days.
  • 6.5 If the service recipient fails to pass the same level test for the second time, the service provider has the right not to give out the level proficiency certificate and not to let them move on to the next level.
  • Learning center is closed on all national days. Classes missed for this reason will be held by the centre at the expense of the extra classes per month.


Article 7: Terms of the contract, rules of change and terminations
  • 7.1 The terms of the contract may be changed by additional bilateral written agreement of the parties.
    7.2 The service provider is entitled not to provide services to the service recipient and to terminate the contract unilaterally if the debt payable by the service recipient has not been paid in accordance with clause 5.2 of the same contract.
    7.3 According to any reason, from the side of service recipient interrupting the agreement before the time, doesn’t set the service recipient free from paying the total sum of invoice.
    7.4 The duration of the contract is determined by the duration of the selected training course.
    7.5 The day of completion of the agreement : _____

Article 8: The final regulations
  • 8.1 The signatories to this agreement acknowledge that all clauses and terms of the agreement are understood by them correctly and agree on them.
    8.2 This Agreement is written in English language, in duplicate for each Party. Both copies have the same legal power.

Article 9: Group work rules for achieving the course goal successfully
  • 9.1 Lesson starts and ends at an exactly given time. Do not be late;
  • 9.2 Every member of the group must respect each other;
  • 9.3 Every member of the group is equal no matter the gender, age, religion and nationality;
  • 9.4 We do not judge or degrade group members or their opinions/arguments. Our aim is to learn a foreign language;
  • 9.5 Follow the rules of conversation: Sequence; Listen and do not interrupt each other;
  • 9.6 During the learning process do not discuss out of topic of conversation; Strictly follow defined lesson plan;
  • 9.7 Do not speak Georgian during the lesson. Only in special cases the teacher will give you the meaning of a foreign word;
  • 9.8 Use the phone only in special cases. Speak outside the classroom;
  • 9.9 Take care of recourses and inventory of the classroom;
  • 9.10 Following the given rules is obligatory and necessary for all members of the group;

Article 10: Signature of both parties
  • Service provider: ___
  • Service recipient: ___

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