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I am Magda, ESL teacher and head of the language center SpeakUp. Thank you for being interested in our courses and visiting our website. 

Anyone from the age of 5 can study with us, from the basic  A1 to the academic C1 level. Before starting the learning process, we personally have an interview with each student to accurately determine the level of knowledge. This helps us to accurately match with the appropriate level and age type group. In a group formed by such a method, each participant equally reveals his potential and is maximally productive.

We especially care about our young learners. The teaching process is conducted using easy, fun and interactive methods. We teach children English and Russian languages with age-appropriate games, songs, energizers and adapted literature. Parents are also involved in the development of their children as much as possible. Photo-video materials describing the lesson process are sent daily to common groups. And at the end of the course, parents are invited to summative, open lessons where they can see their children’s progress.

If you want to study English or Russian language, we offer a convenient time and schedule; 60 or 90 minute lessons both online and in the learning center. Acceptable prices and flexible payment system. What our students like most about our learning center is that 1.The lessons are conducted entirely in English/Russian language and 2.We offer them on-the-spot teaching, without homework. We perform appropriate exercises on the spot, learn new words, write dictations, read and discuss the texts, and watch thematic videos as well.

In addition to Spoken English and Russian, you can buy and study the following courses in our center::

  • General English;
  • Business English;
  • Business Russian;
  • English for Children;
  • Russian for Children;
  • English for Entrants;
  • Express yourself ENG/RU
  • Intensive course of English grammar;
  • IELTS Exam Preparation Course;
  • Georgian Language Course.

If you have already decided to study a foreign language, please read our TERMS and CONDITIONS, sign up for free and we will contact you before the start of the learning process. We will arrange an interview to determine your level of knowledge and offer you a group that matches your level. The only thing you need is a strong desire and determination to learn a foreign language.

At the same time we would like to let you know that our learning centre will resume learning process from January 8, 2024. We will contact registered students step by step.

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