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Georgian Language Course

About the course 

The Georgian Language course [ ქართული ენის კურსი ]  is designed for foreign listeners who speak English or Russian. The course consists of 5 levels and includes both individual and group teaching.

The learning process takes place in a question-and-answer mode, using easy, fun and interactive methods that allow students to master the Georgian language in modern and simple ways.

The listener is not required to be at a specific level, the teachers of our center will teach spoken Georgian to any level of student. As well as students who already have improved speaking skills, we can offer a special course at the request of the listener.

Course Goal:

The goal of course is increasing and developing the basic knowledge of the listener according to the levels. Also, our goal is to improve their writing, reading, listening and speaking skills. The program includes grammatical issues that the listener needs for speaking. The center offers students to learn all studying materials directly at the lesson and use them in practice.

General Information:

  • Duration of one level: 3 months;
  • Total number of levels: 5;
  • Duration of the lesson: 90 minutes;
  • Number of students in a group: 4-5 listeners.
  • The certificate is issued from every level.



Course Topics

  • Georgian Alphabet (Georgian versions of international words)
  • Introduction
  • Cities / Continents / Countries
  • Food and Drinks
  • Professions
  • Numbers
  • Family members
  • Parts of the body
  • Clothes and Shoes
  • Holidays
  • Everyday Items
  • Colors
  • The days of the week
  • Months of the year
  • Seasons of the year
  • Features
  • Nature
  • Things


  • Positive and negative sentences
  • Noun
  • Verb
  • Verb conjugation
  • Adjective
  • Pronoun
  • Singular and plural forms
  • Possessive pronouns
  • Express the sequence of time and space
  • Demonstrative pronouns
  • Tenses (Past, Present and Future)



Course Topics:

  • Friends
  • Facts about Georgia
  • Acquaintances
  • One day from my life
  • Holidays
  • Bank
  • Health
  • House equipment (Everything for house)
  • Wine Festival
  • Being visitor


  • Possessive Pronouns
  • Active case
  • Adjective (comparative and superlative degrees)
  • Destination names
  • Linkers
  • Ordinary kilos
  • Compressive stems

Pre Intermediate

Course Topics:

  • Biography and autobiography
  • Interview and cover letters
  • Professions
  • Traveling
  • Sport
  • Free time
  • City
  • Type of transports
  • Shopping
  • Costumers and bills
  • Food


  • Production of intermittent / continuous
  • Cardinal and ordinal numbers
  • Linkers
  • Word formation
  • Conditionals
  • Question-oriented pronouns
  • The second connection
  • Idioms

Upper Intermediate

Course Topics

  • Private life
  • Occupation
  • Free time
  • Family and parents
  • Media
  • Press
  • Tourism
  • Music
  • Opera and Ballet


  • Particles
  • Participle
  • Verb
  • Relative pronouns (which / what …)
  • Behavioral signs
  • Passive

  • In a group 300 GEL – 12 lessons per month;
  • Individual 40 GEL – 1 lessons.
  • Prices do not include VAT

Until the registration you must read our – TERMS & CONDITIONS

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