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Frequently Asked Questions

How to register?

You can enroll for our courses from the age of 5. You can join us any time. To register you need to fill in the simple form of registration on the page of each course. After the registration we will call you and arrange an interview to determine a level of your knowledge. It will help us to offer you the schedule for a certain level.

Can I learn online?

Yes, of course. You can learn both online and offline. You can join us from any place in the world. For online classes we use Microsoft Teams account. Before the start of the course you need to create an account. You also need to have good internet access, earphones and a web camera.

What teaching methods do you have?

Our method is ‘’easy, fun and interactive’’. It means learning on the spot, without any homework. In the process of the lesson for better understanding, we use different kinds of materials like a board, slides, illustrations, videos, listenings, photos and so on. Our goal is to teach students in an easy and fun way. That’s why we often have some energisers, organize the interactions, role exercises, write dictations, ask new words and do other activities too. The environment is really friendly and classes are totally in English. The classes finish very quickly because of the fun lesson process.

How can I pay money?

50% of the cost of the course must be paid a day before the start of the course, and the next 50% must be paid upon completion of the appropriate number of lessons.

Will I have a certificate?

Yes, of course! A certificate is given from the level of B1+ (Intermediate Level) after passing the level test successfully.

Can I attend a trial lesson?

Yes, of course. You can attend a trial lesson after an individual interview, because we need to know the exact level of your knowledge and offer you a suitable group of your level. Please note that a trial lesson is not free. It costs 30 GEL. If the student decides to join the class after the trial lesson, a total amount of money will be corrected.

How many students are there in a group?

There are a maximum of 8 students in a group. The classes are planned so that the students can work in pairs. They are involved in classes as much as possible.

Can I learn for free?

No, of course : ) All courses have their prices as individual as in а groups. You can see the price list on the page of a certain course. E.g Spoken English Course description.

How soon will I start speaking?

If you start learning from a basic level, you need a minimum of 3 months to be able to start speaking with simple sentences. During three months you will increase your vocabulary and get to know several grammar tenses as well. All of them also depend on student affordance and amount of classes as well. You can have 2, 3 or 5 classes per week.

Can I attend only a few lessons?

Our center is focused on quality and result oriented teaching. Therefore, we don’t sell several lessons, but we sell one full course. The duration of each level is 3-4 months.

Do you teach American or British English? What’s the difference between them?

Both of them are taught in our center. British and American English are almost the same, but there’s the biggest difference in pronunciation and spelling as well. We also come across lots of words that has different meaning in American and British English. E.g eggplant – aubergine / store – shop/ pants -trousers.

British grammar is very similar to American grammar, but with some small differences, especially prepositions.
For example: British people say – See you on Friday, but Americans say  – See you Friday.

What happens if the lesson coincides with a national holiday?

We rest on all official holidays, which are determined by the legislation of Georgia. Official holidays are: 

  • December 31 – January 7 – Christmas holiday 
  • January 19 – Epiphany 
  • March 8 –  International Women’s Day.
  • April 9 – The April 9 Tragedy. (Day of mourning)
  • Easter  – Red Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday.
  • May 9 – The day of victory over fascism.
  • May 12 – St. Andrew’s day. 
  • May 26 – Independence Day.
  • August 28  – Virgin Mary’s day.
  • October 14 – Day of Svetitskhoveli
  • November 23 – St.George’s Day

As a rule, instead of 12 lessons provided by the schedule, 13 or 14 lessons are held during the month which compensates for classes missed on public holidays.

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