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English For Entrants

English language course for university applicants

The English language course  for university applicants involves discussing all the issues required of the Ministry of Education to pass the entrance exams successfully. The course includes grammar issues, as well as vocabulary enrichment, writing letters and essays, listening assignments, working on tests. Students are enrolled in the course based on testing or interview. The course is customized to both individual and group teaching.

The course will be staffed by certified teachers with many years of experience working with applicants.


General Information:

  • Duration of the course: 7 – 8 months;
  • Number of students in the group: 4 students;
  • Duration of the lesson: 90 minutes; 
  • Number of lessons: 12 lessons per month; 
  • Learning platform: Online / Offline




The following literature will be used in the course

  • Oxford Practice Grammar;
  • Destination B1 – B2;
  • Laser B1 –B2;
  • Tests (Level –  A1 –B2);

At the end of the course, students will know: 

  • Аnalyzing texts;
  • Writing essays; 
  • Completing listening assignments; 
  • Grammar issues; (Full Course) 
  • Work on tests;
  • Exam level vocabulary.


Additional activities: 

The course will use thematic exercises, which students will do during the lesson.


  • In a group – 200 Gel (12 Lesson)
  • Individual – 30 Gel  (1 Lesson)
  • Prices do not include VAT

Until the registration you must read our – TERMS & CONDITIONS



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