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Business English

Business English Course

Customized to listeners of all ages interested in business, marketing and management. The course includes both individual and group teaching. Teaching is conducted entirely in English using innovative and proven methods, allowing students to deepen their knowledge not only in business but also in interdisciplinary subjects in English. 

The learning process is carried out in an active question-answer mode. Using the so-called Case Study method. Learners simultaneously improve their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. They thematically discuss successful business models and try to apply the already learned vocabulary in practice. Discuss grammar issues as needed and perform appropriate exercises. The center offers on-site training for trainees without homework


Course objectives:

The aim of the course is to improve the listener’s business vocabulary, to give them the skills of discussion, interpersonal communication and persuasive reasoning.

  • The Case studies are linked to the business topics of each unit. They are based on realistic business problems or situations and allow you to use the language and communication skills you have developed while working through the unit. They give you the opportunity to practise your speaking skills in realistic business situations. Each Case study ends with a writing task.
  • You will develop essential business communication skills, such as making presentations, taking part in meetings, negotiating, telephoning, and using English in social situations. Each Skills section contains a Useful language box, which provides you with the language you need to carry out the realistic business tasks in the book.


General information:

  • Duration of one level: 2 months (24 lessons);
  • Total number of levels: 2;
  • Duration of the lesson: 90 minutes.
  • Number of students in a group: 7-8 students


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LEVEL 1 - Intermediate

  1. Brands;
  2. Travel;
  3. Change;
  4. Organization;
  5. Advertising;
  6. Money;
  7. Cultures;
  8. Human Resources;
  9. International Market;
  10. Business Ethics;
  11. Leadership;
  12. Competition
  13. Revision


LEVEL 2 - Upper Intermediate
  1. Communication;
  2. International Marketing;
  3. Building Relationships;
  4. Sucess;
  5. Job Satisfaction;
  6. Risk;
  7. Management Styles;
  8. Team Building;
  9. Raising Finance;
  10. Customer Service;
  11. Crisis Management;
  12. Margers and Acquisitions;
  13. Revision.

Additional activities:
  • You will learn important new words and phrases which you can use when you carry out the tasks in the unit. You can find definitions and examples, and listen to the pronunciation of new vocabulary.
  • You will read authentic articles on a variety of topics from the Financial Times and other newspapers and books on business. You will develop your reading skills and learn essential business vocabulary. You will also be able to discuss the ideas and issues in the articles.
  • You will hear authentic interviews with businesspeople and a variety of scripted recordings. You will develop listening skills such as listening for information and note-taking. You can also watch the interviews.
  • You will be focused on common problem areas at intermediate level. You will become more accurate in your use of language. Each unit contains a Language review box which provides a review of key grammar items.


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  • In a group – 440 Gel (24 lessons, 1 level)
  • Individually  – 40 Gel (1 lesson)
  • Prices do not include VAT


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