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English Grammar Intensive Course

English Grammar Intensive Course

Implies a thorough study of grammar, which involves a great deal of effort on the part of the students. We have tried to create a practical, intensive grammar course where students will be able to focus only on grammatical issues. Along with the theoretical material during the course, students will perform practical exercises and discuss their peculiarities. The course is tailored to the level of students of all ages, both children and adults.


General Information:

  • Full course duration: 2 months (24 lessons)
  • Lesson duration: 90 minutes;
  • The course is designed for both group and individual teaching;
  • Number of students in a group: 4-5 students.


  • Article;
  • Noun;
  • possessive Case;
  • personal pronouns;
  • adjectives;
  • Adverb;
  • Prepositions
  • Presence verb-To be;
  • Constructions – There is, there are;
  • “To have” the verb conjugation – Have got / has got;
  • Present simple tense;
  • Past simple tense;
  • Future simple tense;
  • Present Continuous;
  • Past Continuous;
  • Future Continuous;
  • Present perfect;
  • Past perfect;
  • Future perfect;
  • Present Perfect Continuous;
  • Past Perfect Continuous;
  • Future Perfect Continuous;
  • To be going to (promise)
  • Modal verbs;
  • Passive voice;
  • Conditional sentences;
  • Wish Grammar (present/future);
  • Infinitives;
  • Gerunds;
  • Interrogative sentences;
  • Direct and indirect speech;
  • Irregular verbs;

Additional activities

The course will use thematic exercises, which will be performed by students on the spot.


  • In a group – 220 GEL (12 lessons)
  • Individual – 30 GEL (1 lesson)
  • Prices do not include VAT

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